Ostara: The rebirth of spring

Ostara: March 20-23. Butterfly

Ostara is one of the eight annual festivals that we witches celebrate. It falls on the vernal equinox, which occurs around March 20th, and marks the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature from hibernation.

Historical roots

Ostara has its roots in pre-Christian European traditions. It is named after the Germanic goddess Ostara (or Eostrae), who is associated with fertility, the awakening of nature and new beginnings. The spring festival was celebrated for seven days in her honor. The festival was traditionally celebrated with fire rituals, the exchange of eggs as symbols of fertility and feasts.

Symbolism of Ostara

Ostara is rich in symbolism. The egg, which is often associated with Ostara, symbolizes life, rebirth and renewal. The rabbits, which are also a common symbol of Ostara, stand for fertility and abundance. The increasing brightness and warmth symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of spring, a time of growth and renewal.

Ostara today: Meaning and Practice

Today, Ostara is celebrated by many people and witches as a time of new beginnings and renewal. The light of the sun returns to us for good. It is a time to celebrate life, make plans for the future and be grateful for the beauty and abundance of nature. Many people celebrate Ostara through rituals such as painting and exchanging eggs, lighting candles, singing songs and holding feasts. But decorated wreaths of spring flowers are also a way of welcoming spring.

Ostara is the time to release your energy and look to the future. It is a festival of joy, rebirth and renewal. It is a time to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature’s awakening, to celebrate new beginnings and to honor our connection with the earth and its cycles. Whether you celebrate Ostara in a community or alone, it offers a wonderful opportunity to leave the darkness of winter behind and welcome the light and hope of spring.

Some ideas for Ostara:

  • Start a garden or plant some seeds as a symbol of new beginnings.
  • Create and decorate eggs and exchange them with friends and family.
  • Go on a nature walk or hike to appreciate the awakening of nature.
  • Host a bonfire to represent the light overcoming the darkness.
  • Host a sunrise or sunset viewing party to honor the balance of day and night.
  • Write or recite poetry or songs about spring and rebirth.
  • Meditate or hold a mindfulness session focused on renewal and growth.
  • Start a new project or hobby as a symbol of personal growth and new beginnings.
  • Create and hang Ostara wreaths made from spring flowers.
  • Bake and share a traditional bread with a Celtic cross.
  • Write and burn wishes for the coming season.
  • Daffodil
  • Borage
  • Bellflower
  • Wild garlic
  • Primroses
  • Violet
  • Crocuses
  • Jasper
  • Serpentine
  • Citrine
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green

Creative light and love, Ramona 

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