Ramona Böhm

Here we go again …

Be Creative!

creative business for self-organisation, content creaton and mindful productivity

You can’t use up creativity.
The more you use, the more
you have.

— Maya Angelou

Tools for more creativity & productivity
  • Icons
  • Emotes
  • Notion templates
  • & more …

Happy places …

get ready!

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Alone we can do so little…

  • self-organisation
  • content creation
  • mindfulness
  • productivity
  • creativity
  • intuition
  • passion
  • flow

Don`t give up …

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Being creative together: Art challenges, Discord roles, background infos about my creative business, illustrations, mutual talking & more!

About me

artistic soul | writer | dreamer | Twitch streamer |

digital & traditional art | illustrations | character art | fanart

Hi, my name is Ramona!

I always loved creating things with my hands. A few years ago I started drawing and illustrating again and realized: that is my passion.

Therefore in 2023 I decided this year is going to be my year of change: Ich am starting a creative business – not only to have more creativity in my daily life, but also to inspire others of my passion.

My business is all about content creation, self-organisation, mindfulness in office and with your daily stuff. I am creating tools, pictures & more stuff that support you at having a more colourful and creative life at work or at home!


Some nice Artworks

Have some fun!




graphics tablet

clip studio paint


alcohol marker

water colours



Notion is MY tool of choice. I organize my whole life, my business and all my (creative) with it. You can get your own account & take a look. It’s not a totally intuitive tool, but I really do love it. You can get Notion with my Affiliate link! 🖤

With Domestika I already learned A LOT: different hobbies, but also stuff for my business like: finances, brandig strategies or time management. New Skills for my character design, drawing, coding, crafting or knitting … – I do like the courses from Domestika, because the are easy to understand and you can look out for courses that support your level of knowledge. Get your next Domestika course with my Affiliate link. 💗