About artnautin

Hi lovely & creative people! My name is Ramona and I am a magical soul, creative person & an art witch.

My main job is at a large publishing house, where I take care of the visibility and findability of books. I’ve loved reading ever since I was able to put letters together to form words. Stories have always been a part of my life and what I found between two book covers during my childhood and adolescence, I continue today as an artist on paper or iPad. I mainly draw digitally with Procreate or Clip Studio Paint, but I also love to let off steam with markers and coloured pencils.

My company “Artnautin” was founded in 2023. I specialise in self-organisation and mindful productivity with a focus on spirituality, witchcraft and creativity. 

Why did I found “Artnautin”?

  • More time for creative projects
  • To share my passion for creativity with others
  • Not following the hamster wheel but sharing my inner path with mindfulness and spirituality