Artnautin's Digital Tarot Journal (PDF)

Digital Tarot Journal for GoodNotes

Get started right away with the digital Tarot Journal: With your daily card or your comprehensive reading spreads  for more in-depth questions and moon phases.

Ready-made tarot spreads

Get started right away and use one of the 14 spreads to read the tarot cards. Draw a daily card or ask the tarot cards a direct question. Use the phases of the moon for detailed tarot readings or ask the cards what the coming month will be like for you in a particular area of your life.

PDF Tarot Journal for GoodNotes: All about the Major & Minor Arcana

Detailed explanation and oracle meaning of each tarot card and its reversed meaning.

Major Arcana - Digital Tarot Journal PDF
Minor Arcana - Digital Tarot Journal PDF

Blank pages for your own personal Tarot Journey

Use the blank pages to personalize your journal with your own ideas and card meanings.

Includes 78 digital tarot cards

Use the digital tarot cards, which you can copy or upload as images directly into the tarot journal.

Digital Tarot Cards for the Notion Template

Yearly and Monthly Overview of your Tarot Readings

Use the calendar pages to stay informed about all your readings through the year.

Bonus: Journaling area for your thoughts

Write down your thoughts about your personal tarot journey - for more mindfulness and awareness in daily life.

PDF Tarot Journal: Notes

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Digital Tarot Journal PDF for GoodNotes

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