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Animist Witches: Harnessing the Universal Energy

The world of witchcraft is vast and varied, with different practitioners subscribing to unique beliefs and practices. Among these diverse groups, the Animist Witch holds a special place. They believe in the omnipresence of life, extending to humans, animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. This belief forms the basis of their magic and their understanding of the universe as a whole.

Understanding Animism

Animism is the belief that all things, animate and inanimate, possess a spirit or life force. This includes humans, animals, plants, and even material objects. It is a worldview that predates modern religion and is common among indigenous peoples around the world. For the Animist Witch, this means the universe is one vast, living entity, composed of the living energy of all things in existence. Moreover they believe that because all things are connected, they can draw upon this universal energy in their magical practices.

The Practice of an Animist Witch

Animist witches use their belief system in their magical practices. They believe that by tapping into the universal energy that connects all things, they can influence and shape their reality. This can take, for example, many forms, from spells and rituals that call upon the spirits of the natural world to simple mindfulness practices that acknowledge the energy present in everyday objects. Also creating vision boards and manifestation are some tools the Animist Witch uses. The practice of animist witchcraft is deeply personal and can vary greatly from one witch to another. 


The Role of Animist Witches in Modern Society

In a world increasingly disconnected from nature, the practices of animist witches offer a refreshing perspective. By recognizing the inherent life force in all things, they encourage a deep respect for the environment and all its inhabitants. Therefore this is not only a spiritual practice but also a call to action for sustainable living and environmental stewardship. As such, animist witches play a vital role in modern society, reminding us of our deep connection with the world around us.

Obviously Animist witches represent a significant facet of the diverse world of witchcraft. They remind us of an ancient worldview where every object, every creature, and every person is interconnected through a universal life force. Further their belief in and respect for this interconnectedness is not only a cornerstone of their magical practices, but also an important message for modern society. In conclusion as we navigate through the complexities of our contemporary world, the teachings of Animist Witches serve as a reminder of the inherent value and interconnectedness of all life.

Animist Witch: My personal experience

Personally, I don’t call myself an Animist Witch, but I do believe that we are not individuals separate from everything else in this world or in this universe. We have a connection to other people through our energies, but also to animals or plants (yes sometimes I talk to my houseplants and apologise that my green thumb is limited).

And when we die, we don’t just disappear, but our energy – our soul ?! – lives on and transforms, becoming one with the universe again until something new emerges. Seen in this light, perhaps there is a little Animist Witch in me after all 😉

How to start as an Animist Witch?

  • Research about animist witchcraft: Start your journey by reading and researching about Animist Witches, their beliefs, practices, and role in society.
  • Study the Elements: Familiarize yourself with the essential elements of nature – earth, air, fire, water, and spirit – as they are key to understanding animist witchcraft.
  • Connect with Nature: Spend time in nature to connect with the life force in all things, this can be a simple walk in the park or gardening.
  • Practice Mindfulness: Learn to be present and aware of the energy around you, this can be done through meditation or yoga.
  • Explore Crystal and Herb Magick: Many Animist Witches use stones and plants in their practices, learn about their properties and how to use them.
  • Create a Sacred Space: Establish a private area in your home for rituals, meditation, and other witchcraft practices.
  • Respect all Life: Develop a deep respect for all forms of life, understanding that everything is interconnected and carries a form of energy.
  • Commit to Sustainable Living: As an Animist Witch, it’s important to commit to living sustainably and respecting the environment.

Creative light and love, Ramona 

And always remember, every witch’s path is different. Follow your intuition and if something feels right for you, then take it with you on your own personal magical path. ♥

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