Major Arcana | 8 | Strength Card in Tarot

Strength card - Major Arcana

Understanding the Tarot Card: Strength

Tarot cards have long been used for divination, self-reflection, and even as a guide to understanding one’s self and the world around us. One such card that holds a deep and inspiring meaning is the Strength card, also known as the eighth card of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck. This card holds a powerful message about inner strength, courage, serenity, and overcoming personal fears.

Symbolism of Strength in Tarot

The Strength card is associated with the zodiac sign Leo, a symbol of courage, pride, and leadership. With key terms such as character strength, courage, serenity, gentle guidance, integrity, calm, innocence, pure actions, and flexibility, the Strength card invites you to discover and harness your inner power.

Oracle Meaning: Strength Tarot Card Meaning

When drawn in a Tarot reading, the Strength card suggests that you are stronger than you think. It encourages you to discover this inner strength and use it against your fears and old behaviors. It’s a call to stay calm, act considerately, and have patience, because some things take more time than others. The Strength card is also a reminder to maintain your integrity and not let your energy turn into aggression. It’s a message to keep a clear head, no matter the circumstances.

Reversed Oracle Meaning – Reversed Strength

On the other hand, the reversed meaning of the Strength card indicates restlessness, loss of control, doubt, fear, impatience, weakness, lack of power, and lack of self-confidence. If you draw this card in reverse, it’s a sign that you might be struggling with inner turmoil and powerlessness. However, this reversed card is not a sentence of doom, but rather a reminder to take back power and control over your life, to stop blaming yourself or others, and to harness your inner energy to overcome your challenges.

In conclusion, the Strength card in the Tarot deck is a powerful symbol of inner strength, courage, and the ability to overcome personal fears and challenges. Whether drawn upright or reversed, it offers a deep and reflective message that can guide you in your life journey. Remember, as the affirmation for the Strength card says, “I overcome my inner fears.”

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