Major Arcana | 12 | The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The Hanged Man - Major Arcana

Unveiling The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Welcome to another exploration of the fascinating world of Tarot, where every card unveils a new perspective, new insights, and new life lessons. Today, we delve into the card number 12 of the Major Arcana – The Hanged Man. This card may seem daunting at first glance, but fear not, as it is simply a symbol of change, liberation, and understanding.

The Symbolism of The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man, despite its ominous name, primarily symbolises insight and a change of perspective. It urges you to take a step back and look at your current situation or problem from a radically different angle. This card can be a gentle nudge, reminding you that there may be an unseen door hidden within the walls of your predicaments.

The Hanged Man Tarot Meaning:

The Oracle Meaning of The Hanged Man card encompasses change of perspective, insight, mindset change, liberation, and surrender. It suggests that you may need to make a sacrifice or accept a change to gain something more valuable. 

On the other hand, the Reversed Oracle Meaning signifies a victim attitude, inability to act, getting stuck, self-sacrifice, lack of perspective, obstacles, and delay. It warns against harmful control, especially control that stems from fear of loss, and encourages a focus on the bigger picture rather than getting lost in the details.

The Hanged Man and Spirituality

The Hanged Man Tarot card also holds a strong connection to spirituality. The card’s key terms include ‘in flow with the universe’, ‘letting go’, ‘understanding’, and ‘spirituality’. This implies a deep sense of enlightenment and liberation, encouraging you to release the need for control and surrender to the flow of the universe. The Hanged Man encourages a mindset change, let go of what doesn’t serve you, and embracing the understanding that comes with seeing things from a new perspective.

The Hanged Man, while initially intimidating, is a card that encourages change and a shift in perspective. It is a powerful reminder that often, our biggest obstacles can be overcome through a change in mindset and a willingness to let go. So the next time The Hanged Man appears in your reading, remember, it’s not a call for fear, but a call for change, liberation, and enlightenment.

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