Notion Templates for Download

Sign in for my monthly newsletter and get all the Notion templates down below! With Notion* I organize my whole daily business, my social media compaigns and – of course – my whole creative business “Artnautin”! I really do love that tool. Notion is an All-in-One-Workspace, where you can create to-do lists, plan your projects or work with your team. 

Notion Finance Tracker

Keep easily track of your monthly budget with my free Notion Finance Tracker! You can filter all your expanses, see your savings and what’s left of your money over the month!

Notion Meal Planer

My free Notion template “Meal planer by Artnautin” enables you to take care of your daily meals, save your favourite recipes and allows you to keep track of your buffer stock. You can easily see which ingredients you need for your next meal. 

Notion Weekly Habit Tracker

Take care of your daily routines and rituals with my very easy to use Notion template “Weekly Habit Tracker”. 

*Still need an account for Notion? You can use my Affiliate-Link to create one free or paid!